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How Stretching In The Morning Can Change Your Life

How Stretching In The Morning Can Change Your Life

I am definitely not a morning person and it takes me a few moments before I am able to be a fully functional human being.

One thing that helps me get a pep in my step is stretching first thing in the morning. Whenever I stretch in the morning, my overall mood and body just feels down right better.

Pair my morning stretches with a cup of coffee and I am a whole new person.

By stretching first thing in the morning, you are improving your brain activity, decreasing body aches and pains, and increasing your energy level throughout the day. Because of these benefits, I created a morning stretching routine that helps improve the mobility of all the main joints in your body.

Give it a go and your day will be a whole lot brighter.

Head Rolls

Slowly roll your head in a circular motion from shoulder to shoulder 5 times clockwise and 5 times counter clockwise.

Head Roll - 1

Head Roll - 2

Head Roll - 3

Head Roll - 4

Cat Cow

Slowly alternate your spine from cat position to cow position. Hold each position for 5 seconds before alternating.

Repeat this morning stretch 10 times slowly

Cat Position

Cow Position

Low Back Gap Stretch

Lay on your back and let your legs rotate the opposite way as your chest and your extended arm.

Hold this stretch for 1 minute before switching to the other side.

Low Back Gap Stretch

Downward Dog

While on your hands and feet, keep your knees initially bent to lengthen the spine, taking the hips up and away from you. Then if possible straighten the legs, while maintaining the length in the spine.

Hold the stretch for 1 minute.

Downward Dog Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch

Lay on your side and reach behind your back and pull your foot towards your back to get a stretch in the front of your hips and thigh.

Hold this stretch for 1 minute and then turn over to the other side to stretch your other leg.

Quadriceps Stretch

Spinal Mobility Roll

Finish off your morning stretch routine with some spinal rolls.  Start by reaching up towards the ceiling. One spinal segment at a time, slowly bend forward towards your feet. Hang down at your feet for 10 seconds then gradually one spinal segment at a time roll your spine up back to the starting position.

Repeat this sequence 5 times.

Spine Roll - 1

Spine Roll - 2

Spine Roll - 3

Spine Roll - 4

Spine Roll - 5

Spine Roll - 6

Photography by Juliann Cheryl (@JuliannCheryl)

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Kimmi Dao, PT, DPT, CSCS

Kimmi Dao, PT, DPT, CSCS

Cindy loves to spend her time with her church family and doing church activities. She also loves to take time to help people, especially women, reach their fitness goals. In her spare time Cindy enjoys hiking, exploring new cities and places, trying new foods, creating new crafts, cuddling with her two dogs and spending time with friends and family.