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New Patient Corner



Coury and Buehler Physical Therapy accepts the following insurance plans:

PPO (private) Insurance Plans: We are an in-network preferred provider for most all private PPO plans.

St. Joseph/St. Jude HMOs: We are proud to be a contracted provider for St. Joseph/ St. Jude HMO

Medicare: We accept Medicare insurance and work with most secondary plans.

Workers Compensation: We are contracted with many workers comp plans.

Other (POS, EPO…): As PTPN members, we are preferred providers for nearly all PPO, POS and EPO insurances in California, meaning that we can offer lower rates than other clinics in the area.


As a service to our patients, we verify insurance benefits to help you understand your coverage. If you have questions about your insurance benefits, please call or email us. We would be happy to help you understand your insurance coverage.


We offer discounted private pay cash rates for patients without insurance or insurance policies that we do not accept.


Don’t let confusion about insurances coverage prevent you from getting the help you need. Come in for a free assessment so we can help you get started and provide you with information on your injury and your insurance benefits.

We offer a free assessment appointment with one of our licensed physical therapists, at no cost or obligation. This allows us to determine the source of your problem and provide you with a recommended treatment plan. During this time, a patient service representative can also provide you with information on your insurance coverage.