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Support the Arch: Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain

Support the Arch: Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain

Have you ever experienced pain through the bottom of your feet? After speaking with numerous individuals it seems that many have complaints of foot/feet pain. I know that if I have to stand on a hard surface prolonged periods or shove my foot into an ice skate playing hockey I occasionally get pain through my feet. If you ever experience foot pain and need a little support here are a few quick tips to help out!

1. Self-Massage

By helping to loosen up restrictions through tight musculature and connective tissue you can help decrease added stress to the plantar (bottom) surface of your foot. Try rolling a ‘Foot Rubz’, tennis ball, golf ball, or lacrosse ball under the bottom of your foot in a seated position (if you find an ‘extra tender’ spot hold it there for 15-30 seconds)

2. Stretch

Along with helping to loosen up restrictions stretching can help achieve a full range of motion. Try stretching the arch of your foot: a couple simple was would be placing your toes against the wall/baseboard or in a sitting position pull your toes towards your shin. You should feel a pull through the arch of your foot.

3.Taping: A little added support

1. With Athletic tape or Leukotape (check Start with a strip approximately 10-14 inches long, anchor one end to the top of your foot with the ‘tail’ hanging to the outside of your foot.

2. Next, with your foot pulled up towards your shin, wrap tape under arch of foot (give a little pressure on the pull, this is where the support comes from)

3. Finish by wrapping the remainder of tape around the front/outside of the ankle (it should resemble a ‘S’ or ‘partial figure 8’), add an additional strip or two for added support.

I find these quick tips to help alleviate my foot pain and really like the tape support- it helps add some additional support without adding bulk (great for cleats, ice skates, or even sandals!).

What are the activities cause you foot pain? Do these tips help alleviate the pain? Share in the comments below!

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Travis Leong, PT, DPT

Travis Leong, PT, DPT

Travis enjoys spending time with his wife, playing hockey in Adult Leagues, cycling, and working out. He would also like to take up surfing and learn how to play the guitar.
Travis Leong, PT, DPT

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