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Health Redefined: Love Actually

Health Redefined: Love Actually

Your loved ones count on you to be healthy, so do it for them and yourself!  For some of us, getting healthy for our family can be one of the strongest motivators!  If getting healthy for you is not enough, then surely guaranteeing your health for your family and friends will provide a stronger reason to pursue a healthy lifestyle!


Quality time, connection, and shared experiences with your family are dependent on you being healthy!  The closeness of your family may be dependent on your health! The more you are able to engage with your family and enjoy life with them, the closer you will be!


Health should be a family affair, so run around with your kids, go to the gym with your significant other, or even go on a walk with a friend to catch up (versus sitting down for coffee).


Maintaining deep connections with family and friends is essential for overall good health.  Laughter, hugs, and time with friends helps produce hormones that literally will make you healthy and happier.


Lead your family towards good health.  Create healthy rhythms, and teach them a correct view of health! Your spouse, children, parents… will all be influenced by how you live, and may pursue a healthy lifestyle as a result!

Health Redefined Series

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Brandon Buehler, PT, DPT, OCS

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