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Dr. Mora's Exercise & Post-Op Instructions



Steve A. Mora, MD

Dear Patient,

Welcome to Thank you for taking the first step in your recovery, and visiting this site so that you can begin your healing and recovery! My goal is to help fully RESTORE you, and this site provides your first steps!

I have created this site as a valuable resource for my patients. I have found that one the most important components of my patient’s recovery after surgery or an injury, is for my patients to perform specific exercises at home. Based on my research and years of experience, I have found specific exercises to provide the greatest results.

These exercises are just the first step in your recovery. Please also follow any other instructions that I have provided you with, such as physical therapy, icing, medication, or follow up visits with me.

Please select the correct body part tab on your left. Then please perform the exercises that I have prescribed for you, as outlined in each video. If you had surgery, please also read the instruction on the ‘Post-Op’ page.

I am honored to provide care for you and hope you find this resource helpful!


Steve A. Mora, MD