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On August 27th, 2014, I was rear-ended on the 5 Freeway on my way to work. Due to the impact, my upper back went into spasm and was causing pain. I did some research and liked the options I had with using Coury and Buehler – different locations and a wide range of hours that fit my non-traditional work schedule. I’ve been through physical therapy before, so I knew the basics of what physical therapy would involve. I was excited to get some stretches/exercises that would help, but it’s a nerve-racking process meeting your therapist and learning the next steps. I’m thankful that Coury and Buehler made the process painless and not stressful.

The first time I met Louella Gopez, PT, DPT, OCS, I was nervous. Since performing and dancing is my career, I had fear that my back injury would forever hinder my abilities. Louella was the person that I needed to trust to get me back to living pain free. After the initial meeting, I was still nervous, but more excited as Louella explained she was a dancer and I knew she would understand. I went from being nervous to being excited to go to my appointments. Not only was I getting stronger, but I had encouragement from Louella. She was there during my triumphs and my setbacks and supported me no matter what. Being injured is never fun, but having support as you build up strength makes all the difference. Instead of looking at Physical Therapy as just another challenge to get through, I started getting excited to attend it and see what my progress was. I was also excited to chat with Louella about life, recovery, books we were reading and so much more. She was a friend that was much needed during the process as she empathized with my situation.
The assistants were great in keeping me motivated and helping with my form when doing my exercises or stretching. Each day, I would get stronger or more flexible. The spasms would lessen and I felt better each day. It’s a slow process, but an important process. If you want results, you have to trust your team and I was blessed with an amazing team at Coury and Buehler Physical therapy.

After my four months of physical therapy, I was feeling like myself again. My back spasms were pretty much nonexistent and I my back’s flexibility was much better. The first time I performed in a parade at Disneyland after my accident, I was very nervous. But I found that I was able to do everything that I used to do. I feel just as strong, if not stronger, due to my physical therapy.

Working with the staff at CBPT made a huge impact on my recovery. The positive attitudes, smiles and sincerity that the staff showed was greatly appreciated and made me feel like I was a valued patient. They truly cared that I was getting better and wanted to see me be pain free. Working with Louella was such a blessing. Not only did I gain an amazing and skilled Physical Therapist, but also a friend. It sounds weird to say, but I was sad when I came to my final physical therapy session as I was sad that I would not get to see Louella and the amazing staff on a regular basis. The staff at CBPT made an unhappy situation into a positive experience. I am forever grateful for that.

Lisa Mettlen

“They truly cared that I was getting better and wanted to see me be pain free.”

– Lisa Mettlen