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I was hurt during the last regular season game versus Palomar right before we faced Mt. Sac in the 1st round of playoffs in 2014.  My athletic trainer, Juan Cueves at Fullerton College recommended C&B Physical Therapy.  My initial thoughts on therapy was to just attack it as if it were another game/practice /or workout.

I was blessed to have such great therapists.  I worked with a couple of PT’s, but Angelo and Ro more than anything. Angelo & Ro were great.   They took my recovery just as serious as me.  Anything that they saw needed work with my body they would critique it and begin to try to enhance it so not only would I be getting better but also better and stronger than before. It was a lot of hands on treatment and 1 on 1 with my PTs and I would say that made all the difference. All Glory to God!  Results of my therapy were great and through the mercy & grace of God, I’m able to play the game I love – football.

Clayton Smith

“They took my recovery just as serious as me.”

– Clayton Smith