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Travel Hacks: How to Beat Jet Lag

Travel Hacks: How to Beat Jet Lag

There’s nothing worse than not being able to wake up early enough or not being able to stay awake to check off all the exciting excursions on your trip agenda. Hard-earned and thoroughly planned getaways should not be limited by jet lags!

Why do we get jet lag anyway?

Jet lag is caused by traveling to different time zones resulting in an imbalance in our biological clock. Our bodies are controlled by our circadian rhythm which is measured by the variation of our body temperature, levels of certain hormones and other biological phenomenon largely influenced by exposure to sunlight, dictating our sleep-wake cycles. Here are a few tips to help prepare for you next trip to get the most of your excursions in a new time zone!

Prior to your trip...

Make sure you do the following!

  1. Select a flight that allows early evening arrival and stay up until 10
  2. Anticipate by prepping for trip by waking up and going to bed earlier if going Eastward, and later if Westward
  3. Avoid alcohol or caffeine 3-4 hours prior

And upon arrival...

Make sure you do these!

  1. Go outdoors – daylight is a powerful stimulant for regulating the biological clock
  2. Exercise during the day but avoid heavy exercise around bed time
  3. Avoid heavy meals
  4. If you really need a nap, set an alarm for no longer than 2 hours

Feel free to share with me below on the exciting places that you just visited and how these methods help with checking those breath taking destinations off your to-do list!


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