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Dr. Mora's Exercise & Post-Op Instructions

Post-Operation Instructions

Post Operation Instructions

Restore Orthopedics and Spine Center

Dear Patient,

The outcome of your surgery is dependent on you following specific steps to promote healing & recovery.

Following are your initial steps that you should be taking following your surgery:

  • EXERCISES: The exercises on this site are just the first step in your recovery. Do not start these exercises until I give you the clearance. Please select the correct body part tab on your left. Then please perform the exercises that I have prescribed for you, as outlined in each video.
  • REST! Please limit your activity and your time on your feet. The first week after your surgery should be devoted to resting your knee, limiting walking, elevating, performing the above exercises, and icing!
  • MEDICATION: Please take medication as I prescribed it to you, if applicable. I usually prescribe a narcotic type of pain killer and sometimes an antibiotic. The pain killer may cause nausea and constipation. Over the counter Milk of Magnesia or prune juice can help with the constipation.
  • FOLLOW UP VISIT: Please attend your follow up visit in my office. It is usually 1-2 weeks after surgery.
  • NUTRITION: Consider taking a multi-vitamin, zinc, and Vitamin C. These supplements can help with wound healing.
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY: Please be sure to schedule Physical Therapy, immediately after I instruct you to do so. Physical Therapy is usually started 2-3 weeks after surgery.

Thank you for trusting me to provide care for you! I look forward to continuing to walk with you down your road to full recovery!


Steve A. Mora, MD