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Paddleboarding: Mix Up Your Workout Routine

Paddleboarding: Mix Up Your Workout Routine

Being located in the lovely Southern California region certainly has its perks, and one of them is being so close to the water! If you haven’t given paddleboarding a try, here are some reasons why you should consider it!

How paddleboarding can give you a workout and improve your health:

Improves your balance

Paddleboarding requires you to stand, kneel, or sit on a surface that is less stable than land. Whether your paddleboard is inflatable or solid, it will challenge your entire body. It will activate muscles in your feet, ankles, legs, hips, and core as you move and maintain your balance.

Increases your strength

Using the paddle to propel you across the water acts as a workout for your core, your back, your grip, and your shoulders!  The more you do it, and the longer you do it for, the stronger you will become.

Challenges your cardiovascular system

Like any workout, if you do it fast enough and with enough intensity, it can get your heart rate up and increase your breathing. This in turn will help to train your cardiovascular system!

Reduces Stress

Being on the water, in a calm and serene environment, and performing the activity with a friend or loved one can act as a wonderful stress relief. Spend a few minutes to visually take in the scenery, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the sounds of nature all around you!

Easy on your joints

Paddleboarding is a low impact activity- it doesn’t require the same demands that jogging, running, or even walking require.

Vitamin D Intake

While applying (and re-applying!) sunscreen before outdoor activities is essential, you will also get a healthy dose of vitamin D while paddling out on the water.

Improves your flexibility

Getting to and from standing on the board, and any other positions you might try, can help to improve your flexibility in your legs.  Paddling from side to side can increase flexibility in your shoulders and your trunk.

Can help manage your weight

While paddleboarding alone may not cause the pounds to melt off, using it as an exercise or activity can help keep working out fun, and make you more likely to do it.


The first time you get on a paddle board, you might think the idea of performing a yoga move (much less a yoga routine!) is not possible – but it certainly is!  If you enjoy yoga on land, and are looking for a challenge, give it a try!

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Patricia Merten, PT, DPT
In her spare time, Patricia enjoys finding and collecting vintage clothing and furniture, seeing live music, cooking, traveling, and exploring new activities. She stays active by working out, hiking, and paddle boarding. She is currently learning how to sew, and (slowly) working on restoring her 1960 Bonneville.
Patricia Merten, PT, DPT

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