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You would never imagine a 73 year old man climbing Mount Whitney, but if you ever did see someone that age, it was probably our patient, Ozzie Pechan. While climbing Mount Whitney, Ozzie fell and tore his right rotator cuff. “My pain put me on a downward trend. I used to roll out of bed. Life started with a negative attitude because of the pain.” Ozzie had lived with extreme pain for a year and instead of seeking help, he just prayed the pain would subside on its own. One day, Ozzie couldn’t stand the discomfort anymore, so he finally decided to do something about it. Ozzie’s surgeon, Dr. Joseph Mayo, performed surgery and then sent him to Coury and Buehler Physical Therapy for post-surgery care. “I had a great relationship with my therapists,” Ozzie said. “I felt like I was coming to see a bunch of friends.”

Ozzie rehabilitated his right rotator cuff injury with us, and then came back after sustaining a left rotator cuff injury while hunting in Montana. Good thing for Ozzie, he knew exactly where to go for physical therapy! After his surgery, Ozzie requested to come to Coury & Buehler again for his therapy. “They do their job professionally and they helped me to feel comfortable,” Ozzie said to his doctor. “Physical therapy restored me back to normal like I used to be.”

Ozzie’s third treatment at Coury & Buehler was for his low back pain and hip pre-surgery treatment. “My hip was worn out from overuse and I was limping for years. He knew it was time to do something when he could no longer get on his horse in Montana. “I decided to have physical therapy before my hip replacement and then I came back after surgery,” he says. “Coury and Buehler rebuilt me. I’m a new man with spare parts.”

Everything is great with Ozzie now. There’s no limping, no restrictions doing activities anymore, and he’s regained his mobility. “I play golf twice a week now and I’m back to enjoying my normal self.”

“I had a great relationship with my therapists, I felt like I was coming to see a bunch of friends.”

– Ozzie Pechan