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What does a retired dance teacher do in her spare time? Well, most of us would say enjoy life, however with a history of over 40 years of headaches and neck pain, how can you enjoy that? Almost everyone experiences headaches, but only a hand full of us experience migraine headaches. Karen Keys-Turley experienced intense migraine headaches every morning when she woke up. “My quality of life was affected because I stayed in bed some days when the pain was so bad,” said Karen. At that time, Karen was seeing a chiropractor for almost 4 months and was going on her 40th year of taking medication. “Chiropractic care didn’t work for me,” said Karen. “Different medicine would work for awhile then they would lose their effectiveness.”

After taking medication, and then seeing a chiropractor, Karen started to become discouraged because she wasn’t able to find the right help for her. Karen’s physician, Dr. Johanna Rosenthal, MD suggested that Karen come see us because she knew we could improve her life in ways she hadn’t experienced yet.

Karen came to us with the simple request to have the number of migraines she has decrease. Karen was evaluated by Armia Abdo, PT, DPT who determined that she had limited mobility in her neck and that we needed to loosen the muscles in order for the tension to subside. With much hard work and determination to get Karen back to living life pain free, after only one month of treatment, Karen now reports that she is doing much better! With the exercises Armia gave her and the treatment he provided, her headaches have decreased. “Sometimes I don’t wake up with a headache. Its Amazing!” said Karen.

We are so happy Karen found us and that we were able to help her get back to dancing, knitting and taking care of her dogs. Good luck Karen!

“Different medicine would work for a while then they would lose their effectiveness. Now, sometimes I don’t wake up with a headache.  It’s amazing!”

– Karen Keys-Turley