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Over the past few years, I started to develop severe ankle pain.  I didn’t know what exactly the cause for my pain was, so I wore a compression brace and took Ibuprofen thinking that it would eventually just go away.  I was a busy Mom of two, with a full time outdoor job which required me to be on my feet all day. I was limping, but I always thought that I didn’t have time to “deal” with figuring out the source of the pain.  So I suffered with a smile on my face, because I knew it was up to me to put in the work in order to move pain free again.

I was touring colleges with my daughter and realized that I was dragging my foot behind me.  My hip and back started to hurt from the awkward gait I developed. I was gaining weight due to lack of movement, and I knew it was time to seek help.  After a process of elimination of doctors and physical therapists, I was finally referred to a wonderful doctor who diagnosed my problem– and it was serious.  I had a ruptured tendon and a drop foot. My foot/ankle needed to be rebuilt.   I needed a tendon transplant, calf resection, four screws, and a cadaver bone to pull it all together; otherwise known as the All American Foot Surgery (Google it …it’s gnarly!).  No wonder I could barely walk anymore.

After surgery, I was non-weight bearing for six months. My family was a dynamic support team, and I am not sure what I would have done without them! Although I had surgery, I knew that my recovery process wasn’t over and that I was going to need physical therapy.  I had a lot of anxiety about beginning physical therapy, especially after everything I had been through. I didn’t want anyone touching my foot, let alone the thought of putting weight on it, and actually walking.  The idea made me feel sick.

To my surprise, I came to CBPT for treatments and immediately connected with my PT, Jonathan.  He was so kind and funny!  Our humor matched right away, and he put me and my husband at ease.

Then, my husband and I gave Jonathan a challenge.  As an incentive to get back on my feet, we shared that we had a Mediterranean cruise planned, and I needed to be able to walk in 7 months; well enough to enjoy the sights of our adventure!  Jonathan accepted the challenge, and acknowledged my fears.  He told me that it wasn’t going to be easy, but that he had a great plan for me.  So, from then on began the physical and emotional journey.  Jonathan and his aide Miranda made me feel so comfortable, with smiles and thumbs up every time I walked into the room.

Coury & Buehler became my second home.  I was there 3 days a week until the cruise. There were lots of tears, first steps, setbacks, and the addition of new exercises to challenge me (the squats I could have done without…). But through it all I had SO much support from Jonathan and Miranda,  that I continued to push and regain my strength.  When I was able to put both shoes on and walk across the clinic floor for the first time, it was a true celebration!

With all of my physical accomplishments, I was thrilled to have made it on the cruise!  I had a walking stick, but I made it!  After returning from abroad there was still more work to be done, including another surgery to remove some hardware and scar tissue (apparently I am an overachiever in that area).  But all in all, I spent two years with my support team at Coury & Buehler.  I was very emotional when I “graduated.” I was really going to miss my team and the energy of the workout room. I had no idea what to expect when I came to physical therapy, but I could not have asked for a better experience.

I absolutely love walking again, especially when I can walk fast without pain!

“I had no idea what to expect when I came to physical therapy, but I could not have asked for a better experience. “

– Crystal Young