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Carol McLaughlin

Carol McLaughlin



Years of wear and tear on my body lead to progressive osteoarthritis in my knees which became progressively more painful and crippling over the past 2 -3 years. My knees were severely limiting what I could do and affecting my quality of life. Stairs and uneven surfaces were almost impossible and walking more than 1/2 a mile at most was out of the question.  I had bilateral total knee replacements on 3/5/19 and I’m so glad I did.  I asked for a PT referral on Facebook and a few friends mentioned CBPT. I went elsewhere for my hip a few years ago and wasn’t 100% happy there so I wanted to try someplace new. I am glad I found Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy!

Working with Jonathan Ebert, PT, DPT was awesome. He always listened to and addressed any issues or concerns I had.  Many of his hands on treatments were effective on some areas that needed to be more specifically addressed. I was able to make progress in my recovery fairly quickly due to the PT exercises and treatments.   I’m am very pleased with my entire PT experience at CBPT.

Recently, I got to enjoy Sea World with a friend and walked 4.5 miles! I’m enjoying doing more with my family, friends and dogs!  After physical therapy, I was able to get back full range of motion and add strength and stability in my knees. For almost the last two years, I have had friends handle my dog in dog agility and herding competitions. Now, I am able to do it myself again!  I ran my dog, Tuck, in agility at about 3 months post-op in a competition and we had qualifying runs! Just last week (4 months post-op), I was able to work Tuck on cattle (herding training practice) at a friend’s ranch!  It’s great to have my life back!

It’s great to have my life back!

– Carol McLaughlin