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Imagine spending your entire day in constant pain. From the moment you wake up your body aches, rolling out of bed hurts, and standing up sends excruciating pain down your back. This story sounds all too familiar for Alice “Penny” Fellows who came to us for chronic pain treatment.

When Penny first came to our office on January 5, 2010, she was in a great deal of pain. She had struggled with ongoing, severe pain for years and had lost all hope. As her pain worsened over time, her family began to take notice of how unsteady and fragile she was becoming. “They came to me with some concerns that Penny wouldn’t be able to take care of herself at home,” said Penny’s physical therapist, Armia Abdo, DPT. “I conducted some tests on her and found that she was ok to be by herself, but she was very unstable and in a lot of pain.”

Penny’s family took her to see local family practice physician Dr. Christian Lising to try and help her with her pain and instability. It was there that Dr. Lising offered Penny two choices – get an epidural injection or attend physical therapy at Coury and Buehler Physical Therapy. Knowing that an epidural only provides temporary relief, she opted to try therapy before having any injections. “I’m so happy I chose physical therapy here,” said Penny joyfully. “After only one week and three sessions, I could move more with little pain. Three weeks and nine sessions later, I feel normal with NO PAIN! This is the first time I have felt this great in years!”

Penny is now back to doing all the things she used to love to do before she was in pain, including being able to walk around the mall and shop for hours. She even cleaned her house for the first time by herself in years. “I am right with the world again,” Penny exclaimed. “I still have a lot of living left to do.”

“I am right with the world again! I still have a lot of living left to do.”

– Alice “Penny” Fellows