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Health Redefined: Plans Will Prevail

Health Redefined: Plans Will Prevail

We live in a busy, fast-paced world. Most of us have our schedules completely filled up with work, family, and fun activities. However, even with a hectic life, we must plan and be organized when it comes to our health.

Planning, organizing, and scheduling is an important step towards being in control of your health and to ensure that you are pursuing health across all aspects of your life!

3 Ws of Exercise (When, Where, What):

  • When will you exercise?
  • Where will you exercise?
  • What will your exercise program consist of?

You must answer these three W’s and have your plan laid out. Otherwise we are more likely to stop, or possibly never even start.

  • Place it on your calendar.
  • Determine exactly what your exercise routine will be, where you will exercise, and which days work best. Perhaps each day is a different time, location, and form of exercise.
  • Pack your exercise bag or have your exercise clothes laid out and ready for you.


We also need a plan for who we will pursue a healthy diet. Try planning out meals ahead of time. Decide what you want to cook before grocery shopping to avoid unplanned, unhealthy eating. Purchase only what you need for your healthy meals!  Plan going to your local farmers market to stock up on fresh produce into your schedule.


A simple plan is always the best plan. Don’t get too complicated with your workout regimen or crazy diet routine.

  • Start with a doable exercise plan, realistic goals, and progress your exercise program as needed. Perhaps you start with a goal of walking ½ mile per day, and slowly you can increase to your goal of running 5 miles per day!
  • Begin with simple changes in your diet, and find a way to eat healthy that is practical and fits with your schedule.


Make sure your daily and weekly schedule has time allotted for working on your health! This means that you must have in your schedule the days and times you will exercise, times for preparing your meals, designated time for enjoying life, and enough time for proper rest and sleep!

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Brandon Buehler, PT, DPT, OCS

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