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Health Redefined: Pain is Not Normal or Necessary

Health Redefined: Pain is Not Normal or Necessary

At some point, our society has come up with the crazy idea that pain is normal. Common expressions you may hear are:

“Pain comes with the territory.”
“I just have to live with the pain”
“I will just have to give up that activity because it hurts”
“I guess I am just getting old”
“As long as I take this medication, I can still function”
“No pain, no gain.”

Pain is not normal

Some of us think that pain is ‘Normal’ as we age. Others may experience an injury and end up believing “nothing can be done.” Pain and injury often derails us from being healthy. Many people become frustrated by nagging pain, grow disheartened, discouraged, and will just give up and learn to live with it.

This is ‘crazy talk’!!  Pain is an indicator that something is not right. Pain does not mean that you need to live with it, or let it completely change your life.

It is imperative that you don’t resign to the fact that pain or injury is permanent and allow it to change how you live.  Don’t give up and believe that your pain or injury cannot be helped. If you are experiencing nagging pain or an injury, be proactive in seeking help.

The reality is, that sometimes addressing our pain can be hard work.  We may need to take time to seek the right specialist. We will need to go to physical therapy.  We will often need to work on a specific exercise program. We may need to change some habits that may be a factor in our pain.  Sometimes it can actually be easier to just live with the pain, or adapt our life around the pain.

Face your pain head on!

Living with pain or allowing limitations in our life due to the pain is no way to live!  Don’t resign to living with pain and don’t buy into this myth that living with pain is normal, or necessary.

Face your pain and limitations head on!  Find the right specialists and get the answers that you need. Often a good physical therapist can help determine the source of your pain and recommend a treatment plan, and refer you to a specialist as needed.  Physical therapists specialize in relieving pain and restoring function.  Most physical therapists are holistic in their approach and focus on “wellness” of the entire body not just an injured segment of the body.

Don’t let pain or an injury become a barrier to pursuing health.  Take the first step today by calling a physical therapist and setting up a free assessment!

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