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Common Household Items for Stretching & Pain Relief

Common Household Items for Stretching & Pain Relief

Have you ever watched an “As Seen on TV” gadget used for stretching and/or pain relief or watched “Shark Tank” and said to yourself, “I can use (blank) instead!”  I have!  Even if you haven’t, I hope this blog will give you some inspiration to know it is possible to use common household items to help with stretching and possible pain relief.

Take a look at the following and try it for yourself.  Many of these objects can easily be taken on the road or used at work too.


(Other options: durable water bottle)

Upper Leg



(Other options: lacrosse ball, golf ball, orange)

  • Foot
  • Upper and lower back (not pictured)
  • Neck – place two tennis balls in a sock so they don’t roll around. Place tennis balls and sock right below the skull.
  • Hamstrings – place tennis ball under your leg and then kick your leg up and down.


  • Forearm – roll the water bottle along your forearm.
  • Upper leg – roll the water bottle along the leg.


(Other options: rope, bed sheet)


I hope these ideas help to get the gears turning to inspire you to stretch and find some relief no matter where you are.

In fact, I challenge you to be creative and find other household item(s) and come up with your own tool for stretching or pain relief and share it with your family and friends!


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Christy Loo, PT, DPT
Christy enjoys spending time with family and friends and being physically active playing a variety of sports. She is frequently outside hiking, fishing, and camping – enjoying nature’s beauty and the fresh open air.