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7 Reasons to Try Out Disc Golf

7 Reasons to Try Out Disc Golf

My husband has an aversion to working out – he doesn’t like gyms, running, or workout DVDs (my personal favorite). No amount of motivating by me can get him to exercise if he doesn’t want to. The only form of working out for him comes in the form of organized sports. That being said, it’s been difficult for us to find an activity that we both enjoy and are able to do with just the two of us. Recently we have found a solution—disc golf.

Disc golf is designed like regular golf and has similar rules:

    • The goal is to get your disc in the “hole” or in this case the metal basket at the end of the course.
    • Courses are normally placed in parks or places where there are trees and other obstacles to make it more challenging.
    • There are various types of discs (drivers, mid-range, putters) that change how the disc will fly.
    • These different discs achieve different flight patterns and distances depending on where the basket is located and what obstacles you have to get around.
    • Scores are calculated based on how many throws it takes you to get the disc in the basket.

Disc golf has been the best thing for us. It gets us out of the house and engaging in physical activity on a regular basis. The best part about it is that you don’t even realize you’re working out.

Here’s the top reasons why it has been so great for us:

1. Doesn’t require advanced planning

We decide to go and it’s less than a 3-minute drive to the local disc golf course. Our personal favorite is La Mirada Community Regional Park. They have two full, 18-hole courses that are both a blast to play and provide variety when we decide to switch between the two.

2. It doesn’t cost money

We invested in a couple of discs at the start and now we’re set for forever. No money required to use the facility and it’s always open during daylight hours.

3. Lots of Walking

We both have fitness trackers and we each get over 7,000 steps while playing. The course runs back and forth throughout the park and all the while you’re climbing up and down hills as an added challenge.

4. Doesn't take all day

We can play a full round (18 holes) in about 2 hours. Sometimes we’ll go on a Saturday morning after breakfast and have the rest of the day to do whatever else we had planned. We also enjoy going in the evenings before it gets dark.

5. Friendly competition

I am naturally a competitive person, so I really enjoy playing against my husband (who is good at everything). It challenges me to improve my skill every time we play. We’ve both improved a lot in our technique since we started playing.

6. We can take our dog!

I personally love outdoor activities that we can take our dog with us. He also likes it because it’s a long walk with lots of stimulation (children, ducks, squirrels, and other disc golfers), and it’s all on grass so it doesn’t burn his poor paws either.

7. It's loads of fun!

I have really enjoyed playing and now I look forward to the days that we have a few hours to go out and play.

If you’re looking for a new fun activity, disc golf could be just what you need!  For more information, check out the Professional Disc Golf Association’s website.

Hope you enjoy!

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Shannon Lee, PT, DPT, ATC
Shannon enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing disc golf, reading, going on walks with her husband and dog, and watching sports whenever possible.
Shannon Lee, PT, DPT, ATC

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