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5 Ways to Lift Household Items to Protect Your Back

5 Ways to Lift Household Items to Protect Your Back

House cleaning for the holidays is right around the corner! This is the time to clear clutter to make room those those decorations. Here are 5 effective ways to lift and move those heavy boxes without hurting your back to keep you in top shape this holiday season!

Deep Squat Lift

Best when picking up medium weighted objects

  • Key Points
    • Maintain core activation and neutral spine
    • Draw hips down and back with knees apart
    • Keep object close to your body (decreases the amount of torque placed on the spine) – very important
    • Push up through your legs

Hip Hinging

Good for picking up moderate to heavy objects.

  • Key Points
    • Maintain good neutral spine
    • Hinge at your hips and keep the knees bent slightly
    • Again, keep object as close to your body

Half Kneeling Lift

Great for picking up medium weighted objects

  • Key Points
    • Get into lunge position with one knee on the ground
    • Place object on top of thigh and push up through the front leg

Golfer’s Lift

Have you ever noticed how golfer’s remove the ball from the hole? Quick way to pick up light objects.

  • Key Points
    • requires good single leg balance
    • good posterior chain flexibility
    • kick back leg out to counter your balance

Stoop Lift

This is a great way to pick up luggage, grocery bags, boxes with handles, and light to medium objects.

  • Key points:
    • Bend at your knees
    • Maintain good neutral spine


  • Avoid combination of bending forward and twisting when lifting heavy objects.
  • Practice daily stretches to increase your hip and lumbar mobility.
  • Strengthen your glutes and core.
  • And if something is too heavy, ask for help!

There you have it! 5 simple ways to prevent injury to your low back and maintain a pain free life.

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