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2 Stretches That Will Help You Find Flexibility & Balance for Golf

2 Stretches That Will Help You Find Flexibility & Balance for Golf

For most of us, golf is a fun recreational activity that allows us to spend 4-5 hours out in nature having a good time.

However, most recreational golfers do not appreciate the athleticism and fitness required for golf. And more importantly, how improved flexibility and balance can help your swing and lower your scores!

Golfing requires a high level of flexibility, balance, and strength to execute the swing correctly. Being able to improve your balance and flexibility will create the foundation upon which you can build an efficient and powerful golf swing.

1.Golf Swings Require Flexbility

Flexibility, in relation to the golf swing, is the ability to draw the club through the proper range of motion. A full golf swing requires you to move the club through a long range of motion. In order to perform this action correctly, the muscles and joints within your body must be flexible. This includes your chest, shoulders, low back, hips, and knees.

If your muscles are inflexible, the ability to draw the club through the correct range of motion will be compromised- resulting in compensations in your golf swing.

2.Golf Swings Require a High Level of Balance

Having a stable core and good leg strength is essential to maintaining your form and generating torque and creating a smooth follow-through.

3. Core Strength, Balance, and Flexibility Stretches

Doing some basic exercises for core strength, balance, and general flexibility can greatly improve your mechanics. Other exercises like Yoga and Pilates also focus on the key elements that can help your golf swing. Your physical therapist can assist you in evaluating your current fitness and flexibility level to help elevate your game. Just ask one of us for more details or come in for a free assessment.

I would recommend the following stretches/exercises:

Hamstring Stretch

  1. With your back on the floor, hold your right thigh behind your knee, slowly straighten your knee until the stretch is felt in the back of the thigh.
  2. Hold for 60 seconds and switch legs.
  3. Repeat.

Single Leg Stance

  1. Attempt to balance on your right leg with your eyes open.
  2. Hold for 60 seconds and switch legs.
  3. Repeat.

Once you can successfully perform the exercise, increase the level of difficulty by replacing the golf swing while standing on one leg.

A right-handed golfer will focus on the back swing while standing on the right leg and the follow through while standing on the left leg.

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